80 years ago from Austria:
Berto writes to his wife

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Berto (Roberto De Cillia 1870 - 1963) during the years before the First World War was working as a "głe" (knife grinder) in Austria; he took with him his son Zefut (Filippo) whose nickname was TUTUT. We still have one of the letters he used to write to his wife Anna Englaro (Pulgine). It is an evidence of the life and the emigration of our forefathers.

"I received your letter, Anute, everything was clear, so in these days I sent you 200 lire (I say two hundred), thus you can give back what you borrowed. Give to the girls, Anna and Bernardina, 5 lire each, what is left you will take to Toni dal Pin. So you know what to do, don’t you Anute? Then I tell you to go to the Village Hall and apply for the working permit for Tutłt, then you will send it to Feuersbrun am Wagram. This way, you know? Then let me know everything, how is the family doing. Do remember not to send the girls into service nowhere. Let them work only for us, that is enough. This way, you know? Then I tell you, do drink a drop of wine, you understand? And as to the girls, make them eat lard as a snack when they go out to work. Do not worry for us, since much or less we eat everyday meat, you know, Anute? So I repeat, you too get it, you know Anute. Then I tell you do get many herd and pork as well. Take 30 kg of oats and give them to eat half a mizina that is the same as giving milk. Oaks make them grow longer. This way, you know? I don’t know what else I can write you, let me know how is it with my mother (Nardute), be patient because there is no other way, you know Anute?

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So I don’t know what else I can write you, only that I’m fed up, you see Anute, always away, always unsettled. With this, Anute, it is useless. Tutut goes about the houses and he likes it, it is like an amusement but for me it is a hard work, my legs are not the same as twenty years ago.

This way, you know? I tell you no more, let me know everything and some news from those villages. I close kissing you together with the children.

Give my regards to mother I remain your Berto.

Answer soon.

Answer to Ziersdorf F.I.B. - Wieder Oestereisch

Mandi Anute.


 tratto dal Bollettino Parrocchiale "La nōste valade"

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