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  The Mozartina

On October 6th, 2001, after two years from the establishment of this site, we held in Carnia the first meeting among some of the contributors and habitue` of Cjargne Online. The report on this meeting, so special for those who took part in it, has been published on the
pages "Eppur .. tornare". In that occasion, already so particular in itself, we had the chance to know Maestro Canciani and to visit, in Paularo, his unbelievable creation. Granted that the undersigned is to music as ketchup is to a plate of cjarsons, the whole visit to the Mozartina was for me a magic moment. My ignorance of this matter gave me only the slight opportunity to appreciate the unquestionable preciousness of the instruments and of the furnishings I was seeing. But the atmosphere that the Maestro was creating talking about the history of those instruments, make them revive one by one. It was that atmosphere that we all perceive as a special moment, and it made turn pale all our previous visits to famous museums...silent museums.
Back home I found myself remembering those moments thanks to the marvellous CD-ROM dedicated to Mozartina, and published with the contribution of various friulan regional authorities and created by [email protected], a company of Tolmezzo.
I do not know how many among the readers possess this work, I think not too many, and maybe a lot of people don't even know about the existence of this "home of music" in Paularo, nor about the activities of Maestro Canciani.
I decided then to start the transfer of part of this CD-ROM on our site, and for this I'd like to thank, also on behalf of our readers, Maestro Canciani and [email protected] that has given the authorization to use this material.
If you wish to let us or Maestro Canciani know your opinions, you can write to us by clicking here.

Giorgio Plazzotta

Cjargne Online 



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